Steps in Editing a Novel

In my next article, I’ll go into more details on which vanity presses to avoid, and why. Also, sooner or later we are going to have to discuss the beast that is Amazon. Right now, AMAZON IS KING, not only in the book-selling world, but also, in retail as well. As a result, as Buy Now From The Richest Reviews most Kings do, Amazon has everyone frightened: traditional publishers, booksellers, (Amazon took Borders out!), writers… Amazon is pretty much feared by all in the publishing world at this point. Why? Because you really can’t publish without Amazon… not if you hope to do it Harrison pdf effectively… and so… Amazon knowing this… power trips! But anyway, more on all of that later. For now, if you’re thinking about publishing a book, I say, go for it! If you simply want to publish an e-book, that can be done for hundreds, instead of thousands of dollars. (More on that later.) And, if you need help with any part of the self-publishing process, remember, that’s what I’m here for! Remember my motto: read, write and relax!

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Many years ago, I acquired a German-made car. For its upkeep, I would visit a car mechanic that worked on all types of cars, regardless of their make. With this mechanic I ended up at his shop a couple times of year, which grew tiresome. My car still had problems and bugs pretty frequently.

I eventually switched to a mechanic who only worked with German cars, which ended up costing me more than the generic mechanic. But now, I found the service to be better since the shop’s expertise was with German cars. After the switch I was only visiting the mechanic about once a year. Even though I was spending more, I ended up saving money because I wasn’t going to the mechanic three times a year, and I was getting better tune-ups for my car.